Hybrid broadcast promoting sustainability

CLIENT Hitachi

A hybrid broadcast promoting sustainability to Hitachi’s customers.

Thank you to the whole Primary crew once again – yesterday could not have gone better from our point of view.
Global Head of Marketing at Hitachi
  • Live broadcasting
  • Venue sourcing
  • VIP event
  • Virtual platform
  • Sustainable gifting

Primary faced the challenge of finding a venue that had the necessary space but also had a wow factor that would impress the attendees. The space needed to accommodate a small set and stage with room for live broadcast cameras. Sustainability was also a key factor when considering a venue. 

The event was focused around sustainability and renewable energy so we chose to host the event at the Barbican for its unique living event space. The conservatory was the perfect area for a drinks reception where the delegates could enjoy networking whilst being surrounded by thousands of tropical plants. The space was flooded with natural daylight, making it a perfect environment to deliver Hitachi’s key messages. 

Our production team maximised the space they had with a full floor to ceiling backdrop, screens, production desk and cameras for the live stream. Additionally, the Primary team supported the speakers involved in the panel discussions; carrying out speaker rehearsals to ensure the event ran smoothly, resulting in a high quality live broadcast.