New Networking Format

CLIENT Siemens

How we introduced meaningful roundtable networking sessions to drive event success.

Thank you, & everyone on your team, so much for your hard work & dedication in organizing this outstanding event! Our team on site has returned energized & motivated by the great content, connections, & valuable insights.
Barbara Wilkes
  • New networking concept
  • Innovative event format
  • In-budget solution
  • Highly-rated by delegates
  • Live event success story

Siemens sought a way to restructure their European Partner Summit format. The challenge was to allow time for the overall event content, but also to create meaningful time and space for networking to help nurture important partner relationships. 

Working with Siemens, we developed a new roundtable concept for the event. Facilitating a beneficial, fluid new format which merged the goals of both Siemens and the attending parties. This resulted in the concept being named by attendees as the most-requested agenda option to keep in future years and contributed to the overall success of the event itself.  

Previously, the structure of the day had followed a main plenary and breakout room format. Networking discussions occurred during coffee, lunch and dinner breaks, which interrupted the flow of the main content and didn’t align with event objectives.  

Partner businesses were requesting dedicated time for networking and small meeting sessions. This would help maximise their main chance to nurture existing relationships and new business developments for the year ahead. 

This created an opportunity to develop a concept which best incorporated the goals of all attendees.  

We needed to create a concept that fulfilled the client’s brief, alongside working within the budget and chosen venue.  

Initially, developing this idea began with a speed-date style format. However, working this through we felt it would be too fixed. The inflexibility of set timings and rigid networking format wouldn’t solve the problem.  

We felt a better solution would be a fluid and efficient style session, where delegates would be able to pick and choose their timings and agenda under the overall governing flow. 

The concept created was a roundtable-style format. Located on each table would be a mixture of team members, participants and talking point topics, all signposted by table prompts. For this, we utilised the food and beverage area and incorporated a coffee break and buffet-style catering option into the event timing.  

The result was an open, organic and free-flowing networking session.  

Incorporating the coffee break timings meant the format didn’t detract from our client’s main content agenda. Furthermore, the delegates thrived in a flexible and fluid session format. This allowed for freedom of choice and more meaningful discussions on topics, and with contacts, important to their unique business needs.   

Utilising the coffee break and refreshments also enhanced the open and relaxed format. Further to this, making use of the food and beverage space, which would otherwise be empty during that time, allowed a productive and budget-friendly fit rather than incurring additional meeting room costs.  

Attendee feedback proved to be overwhelmingly positive, too. When asked “What is the one thing that shouldn’t change because it worked well?” on the feedback survey, the number one response cited “Networking”, as detailed below – 

  • 35% of responses cited overall an increased focus on the networking aspect of the event as the main format point to keep. 
  • 10% of responses requested increasing the networking time further for next year’s event. 


The flurry of positive social media posts following the event reaffirmed the insightful conversation all parties gained from the roundtable sessions, and from the event overall, which helps to guide us when planning for next year’s event to extend that success.