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The viral Vegas venue! 

Everyone has been talking about the new Las Vegas venue and I’m sure if you haven’t heard about it, you will have seen it! The globe inspired venue is the first of its kind and is a revolution for event venues as it invites guests to a multi-dimensional experience. At 366ft tall and 516ft wide, it is the largest spherical structure and is set to host some of the biggest names in music and major sporting events. 

The viral structure has fast become an iconic landmark due to its unique exterior of 580,000 sq ft LED screens. The sphere has been trending not only for its opening act of U2 but for its exterior attraction too, showcasing some outstanding light shows in its first few weeks! As well as the visuals being impressive, the venue is now home to the largest concert grade audio system and the sound is said to be crystal clear.

The Sphere has set precedent for the evolution of the entertainment industry and allows opportunity and challenges for event planners. There are talks of one coming to Stratford, London, much to the locals dismay! The controversial project has got many talking. Whilst some are worried about the impact of the infrastructure in Stratford, the light pollution and foot traffic, the supporters are sure the project would boost the economy by £2.5 billion and create over 1000 jobs. So we will watch this space – what a great venue that would be though, we would love to host an event there.