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Sam Lunn, our Client Services Director, is a master of process in corporate event planning. With a strategic mindset and years of experience, part of her role is overseeing our processes here at Primary. As a small business, ensuring maximum efficiency is key to delivering event excellence for clients.

“Since starting at Primary as a Project Manager over eight years ago, processes have been at the forefront of my day-to-day role. Initially, these were solely project-focused to ensure event deliveries that achieved their objectives and surpassed client expectations. However, as my role progressed, my focus expanded to continuously analysing, reviewing and improving overall business processes. This continual reflection ensures the most efficient and cost-effective deliveries for our clients and their feedback is invaluable to our service offering.”

Building trust and client confidence is critical, particularly as a boutique agency, to ensure we nurture loyalty. Let’s look at how we do just that.

How We Ensure Efficient Processes at Primary

Combining years of experience and a strategic mindset, Sam continuously reviews our process planning to harness effectiveness. Our Primary processes form the foundation of our company structure, ensuring all business areas, from sales to operations, perform efficiently.

The Structure of Our Operational Processes

The devil is in the detail and it’s our role to organise ourselves well before we can serve clients.

Given the broad scope of our work and the nature of events, projects, timelines, and governing legislation could easily go awry without efficiencies in place. We implement robust systems loops to ensure fluid project flows, allowing the team to manage each stage efficiently.

Our processes cover broad areas with individual frameworks:

Pre-Event: Project Set-up, Budgeting, Client Liaison, Documentation, Communications, Registration, Logistics, Content & Messaging, Health & Safety.

During Event: Event App, Broadcasts, Logistics Management, Production Management, Speakers and Content, Delegate Management, Venue Management & Supplier Liaison.

Post Event: Delegate Reporting, Financial Reporting, ROI, Feedback.

Project plans are in place for every piece of work we manage, ensuring a smooth pre-event process to drive success. Part of this stage is to create the Working Doc, our on-site project plan detailing the minute-by-minute running of the event. All working documents are shared in real-time with the client, as we believe full transparency is key to event success.

Our integrated systems provide a secure and efficient space to capture data and manage communication and operational excellence pre, during, and post-event. Our shared systems allow for speed, accuracy, and functional information exchanges, providing a user-friendly experience for clients and delegates.

With continuous, evolving use, and both internal and client feedback loops for each event, we take the opportunity to streamline and improve this process for maximum effectiveness. Overseeing, reviewing, and amending processes is an integral part of our structure.

Why We Are ISO Accredited

Efficiency is fundamental to our approach, which led us to achieve ISO 9001 and 14001 Accreditations six years ago. This ensures our processes are consistently effective and provide value to our clients. Our events, sales, and business processes are audited annually, maintaining adherence to our structured approach and guaranteeing event success.

The Combined Roles to Ensure Corporate Event Success

Thankfully, we have the best of both worlds with our directors! While both have clear business acumen and corporate knowledge, our MD, Dan, has a highly creative mind with a passion for interpreting groundbreaking new cultural references. Sam applies logic and context to every touchpoint with her strategic mind. This combination ensures we achieve event success for our clients, blending creativity and process to ensure each project happens to the best of our creative ability, concisely, transparently, and timely.

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